Made for Weekly Game Jam 130: Dying is Awarded.

Aim with the mouse.  You only get points when you make your last stand.  Enemies on later levels are worth more points.


Download 19 MB


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Interesting "last stand" idea.

I think it'd feel better if the player had to hold/press the mouse button to fire so they can time their shots more easily. You could also consider increasing the projectile speed (and at the same time the enemy spawn rate/move speed/health/etc).

Might also be cool to make it a sort of planetary defense thing where instead of the enemies coming from the top, they come from every direction and you're in the center.


I tried doing click to shoot at first but my finger got tired, so I decided to go with automatic.  I'm not sure what the aim of speeding up the projectiles would be if the enemies would be empowered to match. Do you feel that the game pace is too slow?


You could make it a press/hold thing as well. The speed up thing is less of an issue for me, it's that you don't have control over when you're firing, which makes aiming the projectiles more difficult.

Speeding up would also make it easier to aim since you wouldn't have to lead the shots as much, but you'd also have to adjust the difficulty a bit to compensate. I prefer faster feeling games myself so that may be my personal bias talking :P